at work erotic stories



The office is known as a place of all work and no play.  From dictator bosses to uptight accountants, we have all been there.  The entire Dilbert cartoon is based on the insane, stupid, and often frustrating life in the workplace.

But what if I told you that behind closed doors, maybe in the bosses office, or in the stock room, or maybe in the ladies washroom... someone was having great sex right now.. what would you think?   Fantasies...

You know that girl in accounting that always wears the generic office attire that is just one size too small for her massive tits... or the sexy secretary that seems to spend an awful long time in the bathroom... or maybe the junior workers that are only too happy to stay late to do a little inventory work... they are all probably having a great fucking time at work.

Check out our at work erotic stories and you will see that the workplace can be a fun place!





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