Getting your site added to Go stories isn't difficult - our linking rules are simple and the layout of our site is direct and clear.   

What we link:  Story sites.   We are not currently looking for pics sites.   We are open to discuss link exchanges with all decent non story sites... drop mail to [email protected] and we can talk.

What we don't link:  Kiddie porn, console hells, circle jerks, any site that will not maintain our link back

We do not link to sites on free hosting as a rule - these sites are too transient for our liking

Okay, here are a few things that we require to trade links:

First of all, this entire site is "Front page links" - We don't send the surfers running around in circles, and as a result the surfers who come to our site do visit the listed sites.   Therefore, we expect to get the same sort of link back.   To assure that this happens, our linkback policy is simple:   The linkback to Go Stories needs to be on the page we link - and the page we link must be the entry page that the majority of your visitors go to.   We recommend that this is your WARNING page - you really should have some sort of warning on your site to assure that everyone knows what is inside!

Second, our linkback is VERY simple.  We have ONE banner, and only one banner, and it is what you need to link us back with.    That banner MUST be located either before your enter button or before your first story.

Finally, our referal logs are checked regularly.   If we are not getting traffic back from your site, then your gone.  We don't waste time with people who don't understand the word "trade".  Also, if we check your site and find our link removed, or if you significanly change your site to the negative,  then you are gone.   Finally, anyone who replaces a linked site with a paysite or with a refresh to a paysite will not only have their link removed, but will have to tolerate having their name spread around all webmaster chat boards as a scum.   We have no patience for cheaters.

Okay, so now that you have tolerated our whining, moaning, and bitching, let's get on to getting your site added to Go Stories!  We use mail as our submit method - much easier - and it also means that we can mail you back comments or info as needed - everyone wins.   Submissions are processes MANUALLY - yes, we look at every site listed!



All return links should be sent to


Do not link directly to our graphic - please save this graphic and server it from your site - you hot link out graphic, you get removed from our list!


Sorry, but because of script kiddies slamming my machine and attempting to hack the submit form, I am no longer accepting submissions via form or listing my email. You can however contact me at the email address in the domain whois. Blame the fuckwads from brazil and russia for this one.